WIP Warwalkers and Painting White

A quick update on my progress...I've started work on some vehicles for the army.  I'm planning on having these be painted in my Craftworld's scheme, which is a white main color, red gems, and Hawk Turquoise details (stripes, logos, etc.).

I have honestly never worked with a color that is as fickle as white. It has taken MANY coats to get to where the mini is at now and it's still not where I would want it.  I've tried mixing in some Foundation Astronomican Grey to see if that helps with coverage and have so far liked the result, but it's still taking too long for my tastes.

I'm looking at coming up with a different technique so I can knock these out faster so any tips would be greatly appreciated.  A technique that sounds enticing is priming white then just lining-in with a grey or blue, but I'm afraid that will end up looking too flat.  Another is going crazy with an airbrush.

I might just opt for a different scheme altogether (maybe just switching the main color with the detail color...but that might be too much like the Iybraesil scheme).


  1. Nice clean blacklining!
    I tried my hand at Biel Tan, loving the scheme but suffered what can only be described as an epic failure...
    Now I just use my own custom green scheme :*)
    Don't lose heart though! Keep your paints watered down, your brush strokes careful and your painting neat and it'll be awesome!


  2. I'm painting my Tau army in white right now and it is a PAIN to deal with. All I can say is it takes a ton of watered down coats to get it just right. It might be worthwhile (and I will try it too) to put the grey foundation down and layer on top of it instead of mixing it in.
    Give it a shot and see how it goes!

  3. Thanks for looking, guys. I'll keep cracking away at it and let you know how it goes!

  4. I've heard good things about P3's menoth white highlight.

  5. I've been working on a marine white templar army, the WIP photos can be found here:


    I've been slowly drybrushing these up over the past year and am now getting good results, patience is the key here, and doing large batches of paint so you do the whole army one colour / tone at a time.

    Admittedly mine still have a bright grey look to them more than white even though the last couple of drybrush coats have been pure white!