Warwalkers WIP II


Finally some progress on my Warwalker. I've stuck with my original color scheme and am so far satisfied. Things started looking a lot better once I got more coats of white on the sucker and started on the details.

Still takes waaaay too long than I would want so I went ahead and picked up a cheap little airbrush to see if I can use it to paint the rest of my vehicles (mostly to lay down that darn white).

Still some work left to be done on this one and I'm thinking that when it's done, I'll start on my next infantry unit instead of another walker to keep things interesting. Stay tuned!


  1. Indeed, that paint job IS awesomsauce!

  2. lol, thanks. wasn't tooting my own horn, just happy that it came out to my satisfaction : )

  3. Really like the contrast on the scatter lasers! You have inspired me to try something similar on my Saim-Hann.