Riders in the Wind

Just a small jetbike squad this time around.  Again, going for the craftworld colors.

I had been up to this point using white as the main secondary color, though I'm really digging the way the gray works in it's place.  I can still use the white as a spot color here and there.

 Also did a small conversion on the riders by replacing the aging leather-jacket-wearing coneheads with guardian torsos and heads.  Like them much better this way, although I wish the big GW would come out with new versions already.  Saim Hann supplement anyone?



Wave Serpent Reinforcements

Okay, so catching up with blog updates...

Ready to go are not one, but two, "we are the new hotness" Wave Serpents.

I had finished these two a while back but thought they looked a bit too drab so I went back and did some color changes, painted on some small details, and added decals.  I think they look much better now.

At this point I have a pretty solid 1500-1750 point army, though there are other units I really want to add.  Namely Jetbikes, Dark Reapers, and Wraithguard.  WIP shots coming up!


Wraithknight rises

The big guy is ready to roll!

Used just about every technique I've dabbled with so far: airbrushing, oil washes, edge highlighting, and varnishes.

He took a while but he was well worth it. I can now easily add at least 240 points to my army.

Can't wait to give him a spin on the tabletop!


Eldar Guardians Attack!

Aaaaand, back to Eldar....

What we have here is a unit of Guardians, painted in my Craftworld's scheme.

I suppose I have a very roundabout way of working on my stuff. I'll take one unit and get about halfway done with it, then I'll just break something else out only to return to the previous one once that new one is done.

Which is exactly what happened here. Pure hobby ADD.

The good thing is, I'm now one more unit closer to having a fully painted Eldar army. After which, it's back to Tau.

No, really! *looks at June White Dwarf*

Oh, and kudos to BlackDog Painting Studios for these awesome backdrops. I think they really improve the look of my pics.

- JD


Crisis team ready

The newest addition to the Cadre is a team of XV8 Crisis Battlesuits! No Tau army is complete without the iconic unit.

The process to get these done was still wrought with trial and error though I think I've nailed down the method by which the rest of the army will get painted. 

Oil washes will be the name of the game. This was the first time I gave them a go and I gotta say that I'm very impressed with the technique.

They're very easy to work with once you've got the hang of them and they're great if you want to give your minis a dirty, battle-worn look.  They're also a very speedy and precise way to fill in all the nooks and crannies.

On to the next unit...