And now for a bit 'o fluff...

Some background on my commander. Submitted along with the miniature to a local event:

High Admiral of the Eldar Corsair fleet known as the 'Vagrant Blades', Ethaniel Starseeker is Prince of an ancient aristocracy of Eldar outcasts who have plied the stars for centuries. After inheriting the fleet from his mentor, the renowned Eldar Corsair Varadar the Reclaimer, Starseeker has proven to be as capable a commander as his vaunted teacher once was. Disciplined, focused, and possessed of a wisdom that belies his youth, Starseeker leads his company with unparalleled tactical acumen on the field of battle.

Drawn to the art of war since his early years as a craftworlder, Starseeker served in numerous warrior aspect shrines. From the Scorpions of the Shrine of Whispered Death he learned subtlety, from the Spiders of the Voidstalker Shrine onslaught, from the Dragons of the Flaming Dawn destruction, and from the Avengers of the Azure Storm adamance. He ultimately chose the Path of the Outcast to sever himself from the constriction of the paths and seek his destiny amongst the stars. By traveling to the far corners of the galaxy he satiated his wanderlust and honed his martial prowess on battlefields and gladiatorial arenas alike.

As a Corsair, he returned to serve the craftworlds as Admiral of the Vagrant Blades. These utilize his fleet as a splinter force capable of combat actions that lie outside of the craftworlds' capabilities and reach. From his ship, an Eldar Eclipse Class Cruiser known as 'The Great Hunt of Kurnous', Starseeker and his Blades descend upon their quarry clad in crimson armor and wielding an assortment of exotic weaponry.

On the wartorn skies of Borean XII, an Imperial manufactorum world, the Blades' intervention halted the advance of a plundering Ork Freebooter fleet. The seers of nearby Craftworld Yme-Loc foresaw the assault and knew that were the Orks to take the planet, the factories rich in Promethium production would fuel their destructive advance into the sector and pose a threat to the Craftworld itself. Amidst skies aflame with gunfire, Starseeker and his corsairs joined the regiments of the Imperial Guard and the aspect warriors of Craftworld Yme-Loc to crush the green tides disgorged upon the rubble-ridden streets of the floating cities.

In their undying quest against the forces of Chaos, the Eldar of Craftworld Il-Kaithe became embroiled in the destructive "Spiritwar of Karegos". The Renegade Space Marine Chapter known as the 'Angels of Ecstasy' were claiming a heavy toll on the Craftworld and befouling the souls of the Il-Kaithe by feeding their spirit stones to their vile god Slaanesh. Using their knowledge of the webway's secret paths, Starseeker and his fleet conducted a series of daring lightning attacks on the renegades, appearing and disappearing in order to engage the much larger Chaos fleet. Once the Blade's had withered down their enemy's defenses sufficiently, Starseeker himself launched boarding actions against the main flotilla, crippling the renegade's command structure and immobilizing their fleet.

As a wanderers and outcasts, Starseeker and his corsairs walk the dangerous path between redemption and damnation. Their tales of adventure and glory, however, have romanticized that perilous path and lured many a young Eldar out of the safety of the paths. Nonetheless, with a waning grasp on the stars they once claimed as their own, the Craftworlds find the Vagrant Blades a welcome addition to their arsenal.

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