For Tau!

Nothing like a new release to get the hobby mojo going, eh?

The Tau were my very first army and it was very exciting to see them get a brand spanking new codex this month, replete with new units and new rules.

The scheme on these Fire Warriors was one I started long ago but never really saw through.  The original scheme was the codex ochre, but I decided that for the second iteration of the army I would go for a new scheme.

Since my Eldar have a very clean and precise look, I wanted to try something different for the Tau.  A more "organic" method of painting if you will.  Using lots of weathering and staining to denote an army caught in a long and grueling campaign.

These Kroot were some of the very first minis I painted when I got into the hobby around 2005, back when I didn't know you had to thin your paints and remove flash.  Still, I think they stood the test of time pretty well and so I just re-based them to fit the new scheme.

Got some new mini's I can't wait to crack open from this release...though if rumors about an Eldar release in June hold true, I might be painting two armies at the same time!  Pure elation...

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