Eldar Combat Patrol

Last weekend I got a chance to participate in 'Combat Patrol' tourney at a local store.  It was a great opportunity to get my (now painted) Eldar on the table and try out this new 6th edition of the game. Needless to say, the experience was quite fun and served as a great opportunity to try out some of the changes that this new edition has brought.

The list I ran was as pictured and consisted of:

9 x Dire Avengers - 135
Exarch with Power Spear and Shimmershield

1 x Wave Serpent - 110
Twin-Linked Shuriken Cannon, Lower Turret Shuriken Cannon, Energy Field

5 x Rangers - 95
Ranger Long Rifles, Shuriken Pistols

1 x War Walker - 60
Scatter Laser, Scatter Laser

Total: 400 points

I played 3 games. First round I got destroyed by a Dark Eldar Wych patrol, second game I lost to a Tzeench Sorceror and his cronies, and last round I managed a win against a Space Marine detachment. All in all, good times. It really helped that those I played against were willing to help with rules and generally just had a great attitude.

The 'Combat Patrol' format is a great way to get a feel for the basics of the game and is the perfect starting point for a new army. Games are also rather quick and can be played in about 45 mintues.

Wish I had co-workers that were into 40K. My lunch breaks would be way cooler!

Anyone played any 'Combat Patrol' games recently?


  1. How did you take a wave serpent in combat patrol? Doesnt combat patrol allow only armour 11 on any side?

    1. If you following Adepticon rules for CP they allow AV12 for dedicated transports.

  2. Yes, we use Adepticon Combat Patrol rules which allow vehicles whose total armor (counting side only once) equals 34 or less.