Wave Serpent Complete

Wave Serpent transport ready for deployment!

The Craftworlders, tired of traversing alien terrain by foot, have recquisitioned the speed and protection of the ubiquitous Eldar skimmer.

This one had been sitting idle on my desk for a while now so I took advantage of the painting frenzy that's come over me recently and finished her up.

I'm still not wholly convinced on the canopy. I think the black makes it look a tad unfinished. Any suggestions?


  1. Slick looking color scheme, I do love a good heavy edge highlight like you have done all over. As for the canopy, I looked at pics first then read the description and it didn't stand out until you said something it sorta looks unfinished but yet it looks fine at the same time. As for suggestions, strip it? (probably out of the question, clear plastic makes me nervous)or maybe symbol or writing on the canopy.

  2. I would find a way to give it a glossy reflective finish.

  3. Awesome. I like both suggestions actually. Either lettering or symbols and/or a glossy finish could work. Thanks for looking!