Pathfinders WIP

Painting has begun on my unit of Pathfinders. Here you can see an almost finished test model.

I undercoated dark areas with a 3:1 mix of VGC (Vallejo Game Color) Falcon Turquoise and VGC Chaos Black. For the armor I used VGC Falcon Turquoise and for the cloth and rifle barrel VGC Dead White. The 'leather' areas I'm doing with a Khemri Brown undercoat followed by a VGC Khaki overcoat. Finally I did VGC Gory Red for the gems' undercoat. Highlights are up next.

I went through one other iteration of the scheme before I settled on this one. Rather satisfied with the result and will be doing the entire unit like this.


  1. White is a bit to white.White has shadow parts not only in deep places , but there is tranistion of surfaces as well.
    I used transition Shadow Grey - Space Wolves Grey - Skull White.

    You aslo need lot more grey for black parts.Try find some articles on it , there is really abundance of them for white and black.

    Leather is good , i like it.

    Good luck man )) Hope everything will be great )

  2. Thanks for looking! I agree that the white and black are a bit flat right now. I intend to remedy that with highlights on the black and a wash and highlights on the white. I am also hoping it turns out well! I'll post more pics soon : )