Welcome to Storm of Blades!

Welcome to my little corner of the Warhammer miniatures and wargaming blogosphere.
My name is Juan, and I'll be showcasing my armies and keeping track of works in progress on this site.

I'm currently building and painting an Eldar army and will be showing you my progress as I go about getting it up to 1500 points.

I enjoy fleshing out my armies not only on the way they look on the tabletop, but also on their background so make sure you check out my Eldar army page on this site!

Drop me a line any time and feel free to comment on my progress. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Juan!

    I've recently learned about your blog on Faeit and I am really interested in your progress to see how your army is built. I'm a fellow starting Eldar player myself, been in the 40k hobby for about a year and playing Tyranids as my primary army but just a few months ago I started to take up Eldar as my second Army, targeting a healthy 1000 points first.

    A really like the picture you posted on the Dire Avengers, they look kinda dynamic. What I noticed most are the helmet markings. (Eldarish version of the Ankh symbol). How on earth did you paint it that nicely on their helmet? I tried 10/0 brushes but I did not end up with the expected result, so maybe it's me, not the tools that have a fault here... Could you shed some light on that?

    I will be following your blog, as I'm really interested in your progress. It will surely give some motivation to allocate more time assembling my Eldar and putting some Tyranids on the shelves for now!

    Best wishes,

  2. Awesome man!

    Look forward to more updates from you.

    ~ Dave Pak

  3. Thank you for the compliments!

    I can most definitely shed some light on those symbols Dobi. Shhh, don't tell anyone but...they're actually decals! You know those sheets of symbols that come in vehicle boxes? Yep, you cut them up, dip them in water and then just gently rub them on the miniature with a small brush. I use a product called Micro Set made by Microscale Industries, Inc. that helps to soften the material for better adhesion to the mini's surface.

    Great to have you guys aboard! Hope to have some new content soon : )

  4. Thanks for the information, Juan! I used the decals that came with the Dire Avengers box but I used the black symbols - your white looked bigger at first so I thought those are painted, but now looking at the picture again and comparing it to my Avengers it is really the same size. The picture fooled me :) Truth to be told, white symbols look better on blue than black symbols on silver. Thanks again and keep up the good work!