Riders in the Wind

Just a small jetbike squad this time around.  Again, going for the craftworld colors.

I had been up to this point using white as the main secondary color, though I'm really digging the way the gray works in it's place.  I can still use the white as a spot color here and there.

 Also did a small conversion on the riders by replacing the aging leather-jacket-wearing coneheads with guardian torsos and heads.  Like them much better this way, although I wish the big GW would come out with new versions already.  Saim Hann supplement anyone?



  1. The Guardian torso/head switch out does so much for the models. Someday, I like to think that I will do this as well. Perhaps if I come into a large lot of Guardians anyway.

  2. loving your paint jobs man!
    i was wondering if you got a tutorial for this one maybe? want to go for a simular scheme with the grey and blue/turquiose but im stil a a bit of a starter so cant figure it out completly yet. and i dont use airbrush btw dont know if you used it?