Fire Dragons Test Mini

I kinda like to start with a squad by painting one miniature to an almost-finished state.  This helps me nail down the colors I'll be using and to identify areas that I'll need to be careful not to mess up on.

So here is a test mini for the Fire Dragon squad I've started.  I'm satisfied with the colors and I like how I can now see the effect of the airbrush in the shadow areas.  Still have to get more time in with it but at least now I can see what it can do.

The colors I'll be using will be Macharius Solar Orange for the base, followed by a zenithal highlight of said orange mixed with Bad Moon Yellow.  Then it's a lining-in of Macharius mixed with black and after that I go in with a 2:1 mix of Vallejo Orange Fire mixed with white. 

For the black it's just a highlight of Codex Grey and for the metals I'll be using Tin Bitz followed by Chainmail.

I had a bit of trouble finding a green I could use for the gems from what I have on hand.  Thankfully, some Camo  Green mixed with Bad Moon Yellow did the trick!

I'm still debating whether to keep the sash black or maybe use my Craftworld colors of white and turquoise..

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