IA 11: Corsair Army List Revealed

A detailed listing of the new book's Corsair Eldar Army List has been revealed by poster 'Killgore' on Warseer:

Just got back from London to find my signed IA 11 that I ordered using standard delivery waiting on my doorstep

The Farseer special character 'Bel-Annath' has a pretty nifty witchblade that can unleash a ap2 template attack once per game and alters the force organisation chart to allow more Heavy support at the expence of elites

The Corsair army is interesting with the option for most of the army to have Jet packs


Corsair Prince- lots of options, including nightfight, deep strike and orbital bombardment shinanigans
Corsair Blade Sworn Retinue- the Prince's best mates, nice CC unit
Corsair Void Dreamer- Psyker, can use either a destructive, defencive or LD enhancing power each turn


Voidstorm squad- Veteran CC unit, good source of melta bombs but fragile
Harlequin troupe- nothing new here
Eldar craftworld outcasts- single fast attack or elite unit taking from the Eldar codex
Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors


Corsair squad- can be given Falcon or Venom as a transport
Wasp assault squadron- cannot excede number of corsair squads in the army
Jetbike squadron- scouts and can give leader a powersword/ fusion pistol

Fast Attack

Hornet Squadron
Nightwing interceptor
Night Spinner

Heavy support

Phoenix Bomber
Warp Hunter
Fire Storm

Exciting stuff! Though the prospect of fielding an entire army made up almost entirely of Forgeworld models is an expensive one.

Still, I'm sure it could be pulled off using current (and future) Eldar and Dark Eldar models. Hmmm...

Can't wait to get this book!


  1. That's good! I was going to use codex Eldar and apocalypse for a corsair army:

    HQ: Autarch on Jetbike with power weapon
    Troops: Jetbike Squadrons
    Fast Attack: Vyper Jetbike Squadrons/Nightwings
    Heavy Support: Phoenix Bombers/Vampyre Hunters

    Idea being their feet don't touch the ground.

  2. Hi so I'm getting 3 hornets for Christmas and been looking everywhere for there rules, have they change much from the original FW unofficial ones?

  3. Don't have this book yet but the Hornet rules are in Imperial Armour Apocalypse 2...which I do have.

    Price remains identical, except for the weapon options, which are cheaper.

    The model also now benefits from better Ballistic Skill and Aerial Assault!

  4. Cool blog, still active?

    I run Dark Eldar and have been looking for a new project to follow them. Thinking Corsairs, and kit bashing to avoid a huge FW pay out.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I'm on a bit of a "hobby hiatus" at the moment but I intend to return at some point in the future.

    Thanks for looking and good luck with your project!