Eldar List Mongering

Art by GW. Color by MajesticChicken.

Things have slowed down on the painting front, unfortunately. Real life just seems to creep up on you and put a hamper on your hobby progress. Darn responsibilities!

Thankfully, there's another aspect of the hobby that doesn't require as much time and is still pretty darn satisfying. This of course would be list building and army tactics.

The following list is something I've cooked up with the 'theme' being "paint and use the models you already have and really, really like".  Winning is secondary...

Farseer - 138
Singing Spear, Spirit Stones, Doom, Guide, Runes of Warding
Autarch - 125
Warp Jump Generator, Fusion Gun, Power Weapon, Mandiblasters
6 x Harlequins - 184
Shadow Seer, Death Jester, 4 x Harlie Kisses, 2 x Fusion Pistols
5 x Pathfinders - 120
9 x Dire Avengers - 150
Exarch w/ Power Weapon and Shimmer Shield, Defend
3 x Guardian Jetbikes - 76
Shuriken Cannon
Fast Attack
5 x Warp Spiders - 142
Exarch w/ Dual Deathspinners, Withdraw
1 x Wraithlord - 155
Eldar Missile Launcher, Brightlance, 2 x Flamers
5 x Dark Reapers - 227
Exarch w/ Tempest Launcher, Fast Shot
3 x War Walkers - 180
Scatter Laser, Scatter Laser
Total: 1497
The idea is to set up a firebase with the Avengers, Wraithlord, Reapers, and Pathfinders (all in cover preferably) with the Seer throwing down psychic powers on them.
The Harlies hang back, maybe in reserve, to act as a counter-assault unit, while the Walkers and the Autarch-led Spiders hit the back field with a flank attack and deepstrike, respectively. Finally, the bikes are held in reserve and are mainly a late game objective grabber.
As always, comments are most welcome : )

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