Eldar Corsair Logo and 750 Army List

I wanted to do a kind of a 'piratey' symbol to use on army list printouts and maybe as decals for troops and vehicles. This is what I came up with. It's a little rough around the edges but I think with a distort/weathering filter (or weathering on the model itself) it will look fine.

Also, take a look at my initial army list. I'm going to try and complete painting on playable increments to coincide with a league that one of my local stores will be running. First list is for 750 points:

1 x Autarch - 92
Power Weapon, Mandiblasters, Avenger ShuriCat

9 x Dire Avengers - 150
Exarch w/ Power Weapon, Shimmershield, Defend

1 x Wave Serpent - 145
Twin-Linked Bright Lance, Spirit Stones

5 x Pathfinders - 120

1 x Vpr - 60

1 x Vpr - 60

2 x War Walker - 120
Scatter Laser x 2

Total: 747

Eldar are tough to make small lists out of so I'm sure this list has some deficiencies. In any case, the plan is to run the Autarch with the Avengers inside the Serpent. They will try and contest enemy objectives while the Serpent targets enemy vehicles. Vypers will try to outflank enemy positions and vehicles. Pathfinders hang back to claim an objective and target any advancing units while the Walkers hang around close by and shoot up anything that tries and get too close. Well, that's the general idea.

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  1. Hey! Awesome logo. I was wonderingn if I could talk to you about using it in a BFG campaign rules set we are creating. Please email me back at dangleason1@gmail.com. Thanks!